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At The Pointe we offer the following treatment modalities.  Any or all of them may be used in your session:

Acupuncture: The insertion of metal needles at strategic points in order to produce a specific health result. 

Massage:  All of the acupuncturists at The Pointe are also skilled massage therapists and will incorporate massage as needed.  If you would prefer a longer massage we offer half and full hour sessions.  Our therapists are trained in Swedish, Shiatsu, Pregnancy, Hot Stone and Deep Tissue Massage.  Many of our busy clients enjoy getting a full massage and acupuncture session all within their one-hour lunch break.

Cupping: Fire Cupping is an ancient form of physical therapy in which fire is used to create a vacuum

inside a glass cup, which is then applied to the skin- usually the back, but also the abdomen or legs.

Unlike massage, which applies pressure downward, cupping pulls UP the skin, muscle and fascia, allowing for the fresh circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. This therapy is especially effective for frozen shoulder and releasing scar tissue from old injuries.  For a complete description, please view our brief video:

Gua Sha:  Prounounced GWAH-SHAW, also known as “scraping” or “graston”, is a traditional Chinese medical treatment which involves repeated pressured strokes over lubricated skin with a smooth-surfaced instrument, similar to a ceramic soup spoon. Gua Sha stimulates blood flow and promotes healing, especially for chronic injuries that have a limited range of motion. 

Herbal Therapy:  All of the acupuncturists on staff are also skilled and licensed herbalists.  For some conditions, herbal therapy is essential, while other conditions respond best to needles alone.  The acupuncturist will assess your condition and make herbal recommendations if necessary.  We use only the finest and freshest locally grown herbs.